"The only proven way to completely eliminate head lice is to treat the head and then remove ALL the nits. Neon Nits makes the task of removing the nits so much easier."

Dr. Lori Fox Reid
Inventor of Neon Nits

About Us

The ReidsNeon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray was developed by Dr. Lori Fox Reid and her husband Dr. Henry Reid, chiropractors who were looking for an easier way to control head lice. When the Reids´ children got lice, they learned that the most difficult part of the treatment process was to get rid of all the nits. If the nits are not removed, within a week or so they hatch into lice. Unfortunately, locating nits is a time-consuming, frustrating experience because nits have to be removed one by one and they are very hard to see.

The Reids assumed a product to identify nits already existed but a search of pharmacy after pharmacy proved unsuccessful. Necessity being the mother of invention, Dr. Lori Reid´s idea was to develop a fluorescent spray that would adhere to the nits but not to the hair. No major pharmaceutical company showed interest. So, with the help of a chemist, a compound was developed that did exactly as Dr. Reid envisioned – one that permanently dyed nits but could be easily removed from the hair. Neon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray was born. The idea was so revolutionary that it took only 7 months to have it patented, a process that typically takes years.

Since Neon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray was introduced in 2000, it has helped innumerable people around the world in the fight against head lice. Due to its success, the company added Neon Nits Lice Infestation Mousse, the NitFree Terminator Comb, and NitFree Mint Spray to provide a complete nontoxic, pesticide-free solution for the treatment of head lice.

Neon Nits is sold throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Europe, and Australia.

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