"The only proven way to completely eliminate head lice is to treat the head and then remove ALL the nits. Neon Nits makes the task of removing the nits so much easier."

Dr. Lori Fox Reid
Inventor of Neon Nits

Customer Testimonials

I am extremely happy to find this web site!!  We had lice a little over a year ago and I tried everything to get rid of them.  My daughters who both have extremely long curly brown hair made it very difficult to find the nits on their heads. I found your product by chance in the local drugstore and decided to try it. It was the best product I ever bought!!!! We recently had another infestation of lice and I could not find your product anywhere!! I ordered a can just in case we get it again!! Everyone with school kids should own this product!

A very happy customer in Illinois

I would like any educational information available about your product Neon Nits for my daughter’s school. I found your product to be a great tool in conquering lice and it is the ONLY way I could see the nits on my mother’s blond hair!!! What a great idea! I am also having a hard time finding retailers in my area. I actually had to drive 12 miles to a Long’s in another town.

Thank You, N. Fabrizio

I am so excited about this new product that REALLY WORKS. I am recommending it to all of my student’s parents that are having a difficult time locating all the nits for removal. Just this week I had a new student having a difficult battle with head lice. The guardians were at the point of shaving the little girls head again (they shaved it all off two years ago). The little girl was extremely upset and did not want to lose her hair that was growing back so nicely. I was extremely happy to see her smiling face, with all her hair as she entered my clinic to be rechecked for school. Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL PRODUCT.

Brooke McCrary LVN, School Nurse

Please send pamphlets on Neon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray and your related shampoos. My student’s parents have had success with this product and I would like to have samples to show others. If you could send samples of the Neon Nit spray, I can encourage parents to use your product. There are five schools in our district, so you would be helping a lot of students and their parents.

Thank you–Peggy Maerz, Health Aide

Just a few words to let you know how much I appreciate your product. I picked up a sample of Neon Nits at a Nurses Convention in Philadelphia, PA this summer. I had an occasion to use it for the first time two days ago with a student who had extremely long, fair hair and her mother was beside herself, as was the student. Tears were very evident as they explained the trouble they were having finding and removing all the nits.

I showed the mother your product, explained its use, reviewed the directions and asked her for feedback after she used the product. I received a call the next morning and both mother and student were ecstatic! They related that using your Neon Nits product made the job of finding and eliminating nits much easier, it rinsed out easily and left no side effects. I am most impressed with your product and would love to be able to have more on hand to use in case of other occurrences. As a result of your product this student only missed one afternoon of school as opposed to an entire day or even two!

Thank you so much,

Mary Ann Sarkardy, RN MA

This was the best $12.00 I´ve ever spent!

Sharon Green

Strawberry Plains, TN

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say how wonderful the new product, Neon Nits, is…I had heard that a product was being developed that would highlight the nits to make seeing them easier for removal. Then I happened to see it on the store shelf. I came home, did the lice shampoo treatment, completely dried my hair, then had my daughter part my hair into sections and sprayed each section. It worked great. She had no idea what to look for, since she had never had to go through anyone’s hair to look for them. She was able to find quite a few with the colored spray, and actually eliminated using the lamp. Although a few were missed, by our own error in overlooking them, the product produced excellent results.

I will definitely buy the product again…Thank you for listening to me, and thank you for such a wonderful product. I will definitely recommend it to anyone I know who has a problem with lice.


K. Peters

“Liked the color.”

M. N. Allen, Ft, Myers, FL

“Easy to spot eggs in hair.”

C. Burza, Gobles, MI

“We could find lice a lot easier. Bought 2 cans.”

D. Crump, Houston, TX


D. Easter, Pleasant Shade, TN

“It was fun, and fast, and good. I will get this from now on.”

D. King, Durant, OK

“It showed up the eggs.”

R. Lentz, Madison, PA

“I could see the nits.”

J. Mullane, Kansas City, MO

“Colored the eggs.”

B. Nash, Pensacola, FL

“Made it easier.”

K. Reed, Gainsville, FL

“Liked that the nits glowed.”

G. Ashley, Taylor, MI

“Made it easier to find nits.”

T. Canada, Waverly, TN

“Nits easily seen. Ease of detection. Kids think it’s cool.”

B. Dolback, Crown Point, NY

“Nits were easier to spot.”

D. Jones, Knapp, WI

“That it did show where the nits were.”

H. Sullivan, Doyle, TN

“Easy to see nits. Easy to wash out.”

K. Marsh, Lenoir, NC

“It was great finding the eggs.”

A. Murphy, Lewiston, PA

“It doesn’t stain.”

R. Preston, Ft. Pierce, FL

“Easy to find eggs.”

E. Swangle, Pryor, OK

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