"The only proven way to completely eliminate head lice is to treat the head and then remove ALL the nits. Neon Nits makes the task of removing the nits so much easier."

Dr. Lori Fox Reid
Inventor of Neon Nits

Facts About Lice

What Are Head Lice?

Head lice, pediculus humanus capitis, are six-legged, parasitic insects that live on the human head and feed on human blood. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that as many as 12 million people (mostly children) in the United States get head lice each year.

Learning the Lingo

There are three stages of head lice. Louse is the term used to describe an adult. An adult louse is about the size of a sesame seed and tan to grayish-white in color. Adult lice may live up to 30 days on a person’s head, and the female can lay between 100 to 200 eggs during that lifespan.

Nit is the term for a louse egg. They are very hard to see and may be confused with hair spray droplets or dandruff. Nits are oval and usually yellow to white.

Nymph is the term for a newly hatched baby louse. It differs from an adult louse only in size. Nymphs mature into adults in about 18 days.

Dispelling the Head Lice Myth

Head lice are not caused by a lack of hygiene or proper sanitation. Head lice are not able to jump or fly, and so are passed only by head-to-head contact, or by the sharing of combs, hats, and other hair accessories. Due to their need to maintain body heat, head lice cannot survive off the human head for more than about 48 hours. Head lice are not known to transmit infectious agents from person to person. In fact, the Harvard School of Medicine suggests that the greatest harm associated with head lice comes from the use of caustic or toxic substances in their elimination.

How Do I Know If I Have Them?

Although lice themselves are not dangerous from a medical standpoint, they should not be allowed to remain on the human body. The severe itching caused by an allergic reaction to lice can lead to scratching which can break the skin and lead to sores that may become infected. While an itching, tickling sensation is the most common initial sign of lice infestation, unusual irritability or sleeplessness (due to itching) in children is also common. Rare but sometimes present are a slight fever, a diffuse rash, and headaches. If these symptoms occur, it is a simple process of combing carefully through the hair to determine infestation. If a live nymph or adult is found on the scalp or hair, or if nits are found within 1/4 inch of the scalp, the application of a lice removal product is needed.

“No Nits” Policies

Nit in HairMany school systems have adopted some form of the “no nits” policy. In general, these policies state that any student having lice will not be permitted to attend school until it is verified that the lice have been completely removed. These policies vary considerably, and it is recommended that you contact your local school system for exact information.


According to the Harvard School of Public Health, head lice are becoming more resistant to permethrin, the most common chemical used in elimination. This is especially true in cases of children who are chronically infested and have used permethrin multiple times. Other pesticides such as malathion and lindane are used as head lice removal products, but their direct use on humans remains controversial. Mechanical removal of lice and nits remains the most safe, effective means of removing head lice, but until now this has been a time consuming proposition. That is because illumination and magnification devices have been awkward to use but necessary in order to see nits. Neon Nits Lice Locator Spray can be used to identify a head lice infestation before application of a lice removal product and after in order to assure that all of the nits were removed. Neon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray provides an economical solution to making mechanical removal easier than ever.

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