"The only proven way to completely eliminate head lice is to treat the head and then remove ALL the nits. Neon Nits makes the task of removing the nits so much easier."

Dr. Lori Fox Reid
Inventor of Neon Nits

Neon Nits Lice Infestation Mousse

Neon Nits MousseNeon Nits Lice Infestation Mousse is an all-natural nontoxic product that helps eliminate head lice and their eggs (nits) in just one treatment. It is a specially formulated dual-action protease enzyme in mousse form that eliminates adult lice and nymphs and loosens lice egg (nit) glue, making it easier to comb out lice eggs. Being in mousse form, the product stays in longer contact with adult lice and eggs. It is pesticide free and is safe and effective for people of all ages, including infants and women who are pregnant.

INGREDIENTS: Active ingredients: A specially formulated broad spectrum of NATURAL enzymes (protease, amylase, cellulase, lipase) derived from innocuous yeast strains. FDA good grade ingredients. GRAS (FDA Generally Regarded As Safe) List Parts 184 and 186. This product is not a pesticide.

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