"The only proven way to completely eliminate head lice is to treat the head and then remove ALL the nits. Neon Nits makes the task of removing the nits so much easier."

Dr. Lori Fox Reid
Inventor of Neon Nits

Neon Nits Lice Elimination System

Neon Nits® Lice Elimination System may be your best weapon in the fight against head lice. Although there are many lice removal products available today, not all of them are safe to use. Many contain a pesticide as their active ingredient, which can be absorbed by the skin, exposing the user to dangerous toxins.

The Terminator Nit Comb may be purchased from this website by residents of the USA and Canada only.

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A safe and effective step-by-step elimination protocol using Neon Nits® premium products provides a complete nontoxic, pesticide-free solution for removing and controlling head lice.

Lice Elimination Mousse

Neon Nits MousseOur all-natural, nontoxic Lice Infestation Mousse is a specially formulated protease enzyme* with a dual purpose. First, the enzyme reacts violently against the exoskeleton of the louse, breaking it down and helping eliminate the louse. Second, the enzyme loosens the glue that bonds the lice egg (nit) to the hair. Being in mousse form, the product stays in contact with lice and nits for a longer period of time allowing optimal enzyme effectiveness.

Our Lice Infestation Mousse provides safe and effective lice removal for all ages, including infants and women who are pregnant. It may be used on consecutive days if reapplication is necessary, unlike toxic lice removal products that require extensive waiting periods between applications.

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* The enzyme used in both our Lice Infestation Mousse and Mint Spray is a food grade yeast-based enzyme, unlike lower grade bacteria-based enzymes used in some other lice removal products.

Terminator Nit Comb

Neon Nits Terminator CombThe Terminator Nit Comb is used in combination with our Lice Infestation Mousse. The stainless steel, long-toothed comb is designed with micro-grooved tines that inflict injury on nits by cutting into their shells. Further, the separation between tines is smaller than the tiniest of nits, increasing the likelihood of capturing each and every one.

The comb´s microscopically rounded ends prevent pricking, scratching, or hurting the scalp.

It has the necessary flexion resistance to pull and destroy nits while maintaining the flexibility to comb through hair without cutting or tugging. The comb´s anti-slide bands allow better handling of the comb, particularly when hands are wet. It can be boiled for sterilization for use by the entire family.

The Terminator Nit Comb may be purchased from this website by residents of the USA and Canada only.

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Lice Egg Locator Spray

Neon Nits SprayLice Egg Locator Spray is a unique, patented nontoxic spray that permanently dyes hard-to-see nits, making them easy targets for removal. It is formulated to adhere quickly to the nit but not adhere strongly to the hair so that residual spray can be easily removed from the hair by shampooing.

Our Locator Spray saves hours of time over traditional methods of nit picking that involve high-powered illumination and magnifying devices. It can be used to determine if the use of a lice removal product is necessary as well as after use to assure all nits have been removed.

The use of Neon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray in our elimination protocol greatly enhances its success. After all, if you don´t get rid of all the nits, you risk another outbreak.

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Mint Spray

Neon Nits Mint SprayMint Spray is a nontoxic enzyme-based spray that has been specially formulated with natural ingredients that repel lice. Mint Spray can be used before or after infestations to keep lice away, and by anyone dealing with a lice outbreak such as parents and school nurses. It can be used to repel lice in environments known for infestations – schools, camps, athletic teams, daycare, and others.

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Our Neon Nits Lice Elimination System is packaged with one each of the following:

  • Neon Nits Lice Infestation Mousse
  • NitFree Terminator Comb
  • Neon Nits Lice Egg Locator Spray
  • NitFree Mint Spray (4 oz.)

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